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TitleDavid Nash Ford's Early British Kingdoms
AuthorFord, David Nash
PublisherBritannia Internet Magazine: Yorklyn, US (DE) <>
Country (State)United Kingdom (UK)
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KeywordsBritain; England; Scotland; Wales; British history; middle ages; dark ages; kingdom; celtic
DescriptionThis site offers an excellent introduction to the Celtic Kingdoms that existed in Britain and Brittany from the time the Romans left until well into the eleventh century. The site is essentially composed of two portions, the first of which provides overviews of the kingdoms by region (West Country, Midland and South Britain, Wales, Northern Britain, North of Hadrian's Wall, and Brittany). The second portion offers information on several related topics such as King Arthur, Celtic Saints, Celtic Ancestor Gods, and Pre-Roman Celtic Tribes and Kingdoms. Additional resources include a list of related links and a bibliography. (Copyright Internet Scout Project, 1994-1998.
Source TypeGeneral Encyclopedias; Bibliographies of Special Subjects; Biographic Lexica
Subject ClassGreat Britain in the Middle Ages; England (and Wales) in the Middle Ages; Scotland in the Middle Ages
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