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TitleIter: Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance
PublisherIter - University of Toronto: Toronto, CA (ON)
Country (State)Canada
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KeywordsEurope; Renaissance; middle ages; 400-1500; 1300-1700; bibliography; bibliographic database
DescriptionIter is a "non-profit research project with partners in Toronto, Canada (the headquarters), New York City, and Tempe, Arizona. The goal of Iter is to increase access to all published materials pertaining to the Renaissance (1300-1700) and, eventually, to the Middle Ages (400-1500), through the creation of online bibliographic databases." At present, there exists a Journals Database (approximately 135,000 records from scholarly journals). A Monographs Database is under construction.
Source TypeGeneral Bibliographic and Abstracting Series
Subject ClassHigh and Late Middle Ages; History of Europe: Early Modern Period
GOKPHE 000; PHH 000
DDC940.1; 940.21; t1:0902; t1:09024; t1:09031; t1:09032; t2:4
BK15.33; 15.34
LCSHEurope--History--476-1492--Bibliography--Web sites.
Europe--History--1492-1648--Bibliography--Web sites.
Accessrestricted; restriction: Free access is possible to a portion (approximately 2,800 records) of the Journals Database. Access to the complete Journals Database is limited to licensed institutions and individual subscribers.
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