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TitleBibliography of British Police History
AuthorNash, Stanley D. (American and British History Selector, Alexander Library, Rutgers University)
PublisherScholarly Communication Center - Rutgers University Libraries: New Brunswick, US (NJ) <>
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KeywordsUnited Kingdom; police; policing; bibliography; bibliographic database; 450-
Description"The scope of this database [...] is all secondary sources and selected published primary sources, related to the history of the police in the United Kingdom, including Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, as well as England from as early as possible to the present. Sources include books, pamphlets, book chapters, journal articles, popular magazine articles (for use as primary sources), doctoral dissertations, master's theses, government documents, selected fiction and graphics, working papers, and Internet sites. The term police is taken to be any institution or organization, private or public, whose agents are involved in enforcing the laws and customs of a time period and in preventing or detecting crime. The pre-1780 meaning of police in England encompassed all efforts at government to oversee the well functioning and well being of a community. Thus, street paving, water drainage, and road maintenance were all included. Publications on the latter have a place in this bibliography only if they include law enforcement. Similarly historical literature on crime and the courts and the role of the military will only be included if a significant part of the texts devote attention to police or policing." [self-description] Tthe bibliography is now updated by members of the faculty of arts of the Open University.
Source TypeBibliographies of Special Subjects
Subject ClassHistory of Great Britain and Ireland: History
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