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TitleCIHM home [Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions]
PublisherCanadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions: Ottawa, CA (ON)
Country (State)Canada
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KeywordsCanada; history; source; microform
Description"CIHM was established in 1978 to locate early printed Canadian materials (books, annuals, and periodicals), to preserve their content on microfilm, and to make the resulting collections available to libraries and archives in Canada and abroad. ... Spanning three and a half centuries of Canadian development, the Early Canadiana microform collection contains more than sixty-five thousand titles. The collection is an essential resource for scholarly research in many different disciplines - from North American native people's studies to religion and philosophy; from genealogy and local history to French Canadiana language and literature." The site offers access via an experimental Z39.50 interface to the online catalogue of the collection as well as ordering facilities. A small part of the collection is online available within Early Canadiana online <>.
Source TypeGeneral Bibliographic and Abstracting Series; Libraries
Subject ClassCanada until 1763: Sources; Canada 1763-1931: Sources
GOKPVE 100; PVF 100
DDC971; t2:71
LCSHMicroforms--Catalogs--Web sites.
Canada--Bibliography--Microform catalogs--Web sites.
Accessfree; no restriction
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