Metadata: Cercles. Revue pluridisciplinaire du monde anglophone

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TitleCercles. Revue pluridisciplinaire du monde anglophone
Editor[General Editor] Capet, Antoine
[General Editor] Guilbert, Georges-Claude
[General Editor] Romanski, Philippe
[General Editor] Sy-Wonyu, Aïssatou
PublisherUniversité de Rouen: Rouen, FR <>
LanguageEnglish; French
Country (State)France
Format of datatext/html; application/pdf
KeywordsAnglo-America; culture; literature; journal
DescriptionJournal devoted to all aspects of culture and literature of the anglophone world. "Cercles welcomes articles on the social and cultural practices of the English-speaking world: literature, linguistics, history, politics, sociology, anthropology, esthetics... It offers a variety of perspectives, involving gender, ethnicity, ideology, and theory. We encourage submissions in English and French, but also any other language, provided a translation is submitted in either French or English." [self-description of the editorial policy]
Source TypeInternet Journals
Subject ClassHistory of Great Britain and Ireland; History of Canada; History of the United States
GOKPO 000; PVD 000; PVK 000
DDC306; 800
BK15.64; 15.86; 15.87
Course of publicationbiannually
Accessfree; no restriction
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