Metadata: Act of Union Virtual Library. The Digital Resource for the Act of Union of 1800

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TitleAct of Union Virtual Library. The Digital Resource for the Act of Union of 1800
PublisherThe Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis, School of Sociology and Social Policy, The Queen's University of Belfast: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Country (State)Ireland
KeywordsGreat Britain; Ireland; Act of Union; 1801
Description"The aims of the project are twofold. The first is to offer those interested in the history of the Act of Union easier access to invaluable archive material that is held in specialist collections. While digitisation will never render obsolete the need to consult original documents, it can provide a research tool for those who might find it more feasible to view material at home and in their own time. Secondly, digitisation can also aid conservation in that there is no need to photocopy or handle fragile material when an electronic copy can easily be secured." [self-description]
Source TypeSource Materials; Subject-specific Websites
Subject ClassIreland in the Early Modern Period: Sources; Ireland in the Early Modern Period: History
GOKPOV 150; POV 230
DDC941.5; 942; t1:09033; t2:415; t2:42
Accessfree; no restriction
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