Metadata: Black American Feminisms: A Multidisciplinary Bibliography

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TitleBlack American Feminisms: A Multidisciplinary Bibliography
AuthorBarns, Sherry L.
PublisherUCSB Libraries, Santa Barbara: California, US
Country (State)United States of America
KeywordsUnited States; feminism; African Americans; history 1800-2007
Description"Black American Feminism is not a comprehensive bibliography of black American feminist thought, however, it does seek to be comprehensive in subject coverage, citing sources from numerous subject areas within the humanities, social sciences, and health, medicine and science. Citations date back to the nineteenth century to the present, with the majority of references representing the very influential contemporary black feminist thought that emerged in the the 1970s and continues today. The bibliography is primarily arranged by discipline and subject. There are 4 broad discipline based section headings: Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences; Education; Health, Medicine and Science; and 6 sections related to format: (Auto)biographies, Memoirs, and Personal Narratives; Interviews; Speeches; Multidisciplinary Anthologies; Periodicals: Special Issues; and Web Sites. Under the disciplines, citations are arranged under more narrow subject headings. For interdiscipinary research interests, one should consult multiple and related subject headings and formats. Many sources appear in various books and journals. When originally compiled, reprints that I had knowledge of were noted so that researchers would have options when trying to locate materials. As I have developed a backlog of new citations to be added to the bibliogrpahy, noting reprints has become a lower priority." [self-description]
Source TypeBibliographies of Special Subjects
Subject ClassHistory of the United States: History
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